A beautiful Sunday in Charleston and as thoughts turn to spring planning, I thought it might be a good time to remind folks of two big things coming up in the next couple of months. Such a blessing to be enjoying a day like today.

First, we are just 3 weeks away from the annual March of Dimes March for Babies. The March for Babies will start at 8 am (organizing time; walk starts at 9 am) Saturday April 30th at Cannon Park on the corner of Rutledge Ave and Calhoun Street. The walk will lead downtown past the newly refurbished Colonial Lake, along the length of the Battery and back up through lovely South of Broad neighborhoods.

The March for Babies is Charleston’s signature March of Dimes event with a goal of raising more than $500,000 for mothers and babies.This year, nationwide, more than a million people in 900 communities will be walking together for stronger healthier babies. Approximately 90% of the money raised by the MOD goes directly to research and direct patient care services. Your donation will fund programs in your community that will help mothers have healthy, full-term pregnancies. The March of Dimes also supports 5 major university research groups trying to find answers to the riddle of premature birth. The March of Dimes has been sponsoring walks since 1970 and have raised an incredible $2 billion to benefit all babies.

I am asking for your generous support for my walking in this event. Diane and I will once again be taking our tired, crackling, cartilage-free knees out to the streets to raise money for this good cause. If you’d like to help support the fight against prematurity and newborn disease and disability please consider a donation in my name to support the Charleston March for Babies. Donations can be made at the following web address: http://www.marchforbabies.org/newmanr

Even if you aren’t moved by the above appeal or are sitting on the fence, there are at least 10 more good reasons to support my walk this year. Top 10 Reasons to Donate to Roger Newman for the March for Babies.

  1. So I won’t be panhandling downtown. It looks bad to panhandle and then walk to your condo on East Bay Street.
  2. So I won’t have to go back to writing OxyContin scripts to make ends meet.
  3. So I can pay for my anger management sessions with Constance Guille.
  4. So Diane doesn’t have to give me that “you worthless POS” look she has reserved for my special failures.
  5. So you won’t be tempted to donate any money to the clowns that are running for President of the United States.
  6. So you’ll get your name on a potential donor list for naming rights for the New MUSC Women’s Pavillion. I understand that the search is intensive and far-reaching.
  7. So I won’t tell Donald Trump that your genetic testing revealed a Hispanic background.
  8. So I will help you get tickets to next year’s Big East Basketball Tournament to watch the Seton Hall Pirates (The Beast of the East) defend their 2016 Big East Championship.
  9. In South Carolina, any charitable donation over $25 entitles you to a free AK-47.
  10. And, last but not least, any donation of $100 or more will get you a personalized MOD Collector’s Edition copy of “Two Drifters,” the sequel to “Occam’s Razor.” If especially requested, I can dog ear and or highlight the sex scenes.


Most important, thank you for supporting the March of Dimes and all the work that they do for the mothers and babies in need. If around, please come down to Cannon Park on the 30th for the walk. It’ll be beautiful and a lot of fun. Best, all you can eat Boar’s Head hot dogs at the end of the walk. If you can’t be there, don’t worry. You can go online to donate at  http://www.marchforbabies.org/newmanr

Your help is greatly appreciated by all of us. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

The second big event of the spring is the upcoming publication of “Two Drifters” the sequel to “Occam’s Razor” scheduled for May 21st from Moonshine Cove Publishing. “Two Drifters” is the second book in the Dr. Declan Murphy medical thriller series. Declan Murphy, M.D. is literature’s only Ob-Gyn action hero.

In the sequel to Occam’s Razor, unexpected loss and grief has stolen Declan’s will and his way. In addition, Dr. Declan Murphy faces medico-legal accusations that can potentially destroy his Ob-Gyn career. Still practicing as a faculty member at the Medical University of South Carolina, Declan is struggling to cope with the tragic loss of Helene Eastland. Declan’s clinical work and commitment to medicine have deteriorated and he is spiraling into greater depths of apathy and anger. Things come to a head when a pair of itinerant drifters accuse him of negligence in the death of their newborn. Declan finds himself being sued for medical malpractice and no one has his back. But something is amiss with this couple and Declan begins his own investigation into who they are and how they showed up in his examination room. He discovers this isn’t the couple’s first pregnancy loss, nor their first lawsuit.  Declan’s efforts to find the truth leads him into a confrontation with unimaginable evil. His personal and professional redemption will not be possible without the help of his lawyer, and only remaining believer, Rosemary Winslow.

As mentioned above, the publication date for “Two Drifters” is scheduled for May 21st. I will be honored to personalize a free, first-edition copy of “Two Drifters” and send it to you, for every $100 donation to my March for Babies donation site.  http://www.marchforbabies.org/newmanr  Completely tax deductible and a great gift to yourself or for friends and family.

The third installment of the Dr. Declan Murphy medical trilogy, tentatively titled “What Becomes” is already in preparation. For those of you who are worried, I can reassure you that there are no shortages of messes and misadventures that Declan Murphy can find his way into. Have a great spring.

The beautiful cover art for “Two Drifters” is by Charleston’s own Ginny Canady.



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