Two Drifters


Grief has stolen Declan Murphy’s will and his way. Are malpractice allegations going to destroy his reputation as well?

In “Two Drifters”, Dr. Declan Murphy faces medico-legal accusations that can potentially destroy his Ob-Gyn career. Still practicing on the faculty of the Medical University of South Carolina, Declan is struggling to cope with the tragic loss of his wife Helene Eastland. Declan’s clinical work and commitment to medicine have deteriorated and he is spiraling into greater depths of apathy and anger. Things come to a head when a pair of itinerant and nasty drifters accuse him of negligence in the death of their newborn and Declan finds himself being sued for medical malpractice. But something is amiss with this couple and Declan Murphy begins investigating who they are and how they showed up in his examination room. He discovers this isn’t the couple’s first pregnancy loss nor is it their first lawsuit.  Declan’s efforts to find the truth leads him to the discovery of unimaginable evil. These discoveries and his personal and professional redemption will not be possible without the help of his lawyer, and only remaining friend, Rosemary Winslow.


Book Discussion

  • Two Drifters is a sequel to Occam’s Razor. However, do you feel that Two Drifters can stand on its own if you haven’t read Occam’s Razor?
  • Two Drifters begins with a major plot twist in follow up to Occam’s Razor. Did this plot twist bring you more into the story or did it disappoint you and put you off the story?
  • How did you experience the drama of the Ramirez cesarean delivery?
  • Is it conceivable that patient safety could be knowingly compromised because of counter balancing financial concerns?
  • Is Declan justified in his unwillingness to share his HIV- sero-status with the Labor and Delivery nursing staff or is he just being bull-headed?
  • Do you understand and sympathize or do you disapprove of how Declan is handling his grief and allowing it to affect his work?
  • In your opinion, who or what does the title Two Drifters refer to?
  • How did you respond to learning that Magdelene  Surrette  aborted her own child for a possible financial pay-off?
  • Two Drifters is told from a first person perspective (Declan Murphy). Does this approach serve the story or do you find yourself wondering what the other characters are thinking?
  • Did you enjoy the interactions between Declan Murphy and his old friend Sheriff Marcellus Greene?
  • Were you surprised and enjoy how Rosemary Winslow handled the take down of Madgelene and Dalton Surrette?
  • What becomes of Paris Leveau after she leaves Charleston with Sheriff Marcellus Greene?
  • What becomes of the relationship between Declan Murphy and Rosemary Winslow? Do they have a future together or is he too damaged?
  • Did you feel that Two Drifters had a major theme? If so, what was it, and did the author achieve the goal of exploring that question?
  • What will become of Declan’s peer-review suspension following the Ramirez delivery? Does Declan have a future career at the Medical University of South Carolina?

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Two Drifters Book Reviews

Two Drifters is the second novel by Roger B. Newman and includes the further adventures of Declan Murphy, M.D. – literature’s only Ob-Gyn action hero. In Two Drifters, Declan must defend himself against medical malpractice allegations when both he and everyone else has lost faith in him.

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