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The further adventures of Dr. Declan Murphy, the world’s only gynecologist super hero set a-loose in another medical thriller. Roger Newman serves up a rich gumbo, voodoo, intrigue and incest from Charleston to Lake Charles. I couldn’t put it down.

Roger Pinckney

Author of "Reefer Moon", "Blow the Man Down" , "The Mullet Manifesto" and others

In his latest medical thriller, “Two Drifters”, Roger Newman masterfully weaves a tale that takes its readers from a Lowcountry hospital’s departmental infighting that can be as deadly as a cobra’s toxin, to the mountains of Kentucky, and to parts of Louisiana where a cobra would fear to slither. Faced with a horrific crisis that could destroy his career, Dr. Declan Murphy must find answers to save not only his career but his life as well. Prescription: Get plenty of rest before reading “Two Drifters.” You won’t be able to sleep until you finish this riveting novel.

Bill Noel

Author of "First Light" and multiple other books which are part of the Folly Beach Mysteries

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