Having spent the weekend online shopping – and even scarier, going to TARGET (where I felt like it was indeed on my back), I will offer again a signed or unsigned copy of my new Civil War historical fiction novel entitled “Will O’ the Wisp: Madness, War, and Recompense”. Easy, reasonably priced, and very well received for holiday reading. After suggesting this helpful solution to the trauma of holiday shopping for the special family member or friend that isn’t going to be happy with Hickory Farms Cheese and Sausages or a Claxton Fruit Cake, I received lots of great feedback. I’ll share a few of those stories.

The Christmas tree above is in the beach house of my old friend in New Jersey, Prosper Bellizia, who said “What’s Under My Tree? That’s right, ETA’s own Dr. Roger Newman’s 4th novel, “Will O’ the Wisp: Madness, War, and Recompense”. A civil war novel about blockade runners in Charleston, SC. I’ve read it and it’s a real page-turner.”

My cousin, Rob Newman, in Atlanta wrote, “Great read that really addresses the realities of war, deflates the myths of the era, and draws a few parallels between then and now. Excellent read, While I love Charleston, you don’t have to be all that familiar with the city to appreciate the story.”

One of my co-workers, Paige Babb, called her sister who is a high school teacher in Indiana who teaches history and is interested in the Civil War. She wanted to tell her sister about my book. Her sister informed her that he had already found it online and had purchased a copy for her school’s history table. I sent her sister a signed copy to have one of her own.

Two of my physician friends, Sinai Zeblewski and Frances Woodard, who are Pediatric Cardiologists I work within a multidisciplinary Advanced Fetal Care Center e-mailed me on the same day asking if I could sign a copy for the other as a Christmas gift. It was like my own O Henry “Gift of the Magi” moment and it was great fun to do it.

If holiday shopping has you stymied and are interested in ordering “Will O’ the Wisp: Madness, War, and Recompense”, it is very easy. It is available on Amazon, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble online. It is also available from my publisher, A-Argus Books. If you would like a personalized copy just e-mail me directly at [email protected] or [email protected]. I’ll personalize the book and mail it to you Priority Mail. Thanks for considering and Happy Holidays.

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