Feeling the relief, or maybe the letdown, after the New Year’s Holiday? Looking for something to do? Did you make a New Year’s resolution to read more books? Please join us for a book release and book signing party for my new Civil War historical fiction novel set in Charleston, S.C., and entitled “Will O’ the Wisp: Madness, War, and Recompense”.

The reception will be on Sunday, January 16th between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. at Halls Signature Events at #5 Faber Street (Charleston, S.C. 29401) just off East Bay Street and behind the Slightly North of Broad restaurant. The venue was selected to be in the center of the Charleston historic district where some of my characters invariably walked over 150 years ago. www.HallsSignatureEvents.com

Everyone is welcome and feel free to drop in whenever able. We will have beer, wine, soda, and tea as well as a delicious selection of favorite Halls Chophouse Hors D’oeuvres. Author Roger Newman will be available to sign books either purchased on-site or brought with you. Diane is working on a playlist and I can guarantee that you will meet up with someone you know.

“Will O’ the Wisp: Madness, War, and Recompense” is a story about the politics and pressures in Charleston leading to secession. It is the story of Jack Whitesides Holmes, shipbuilder and famously elusive blockade runner, and his brother-in-law George Alfred Trenholm. Trenholm was the richest man in the South, king of the cotton shipping cartel, banker, financier, and Charleston resident living at Ashley Hall (now Ashley Hall School on Rutledge Avenue). George Trenholm eventually became the Secretary of the Confederate Treasury and is the person on whom Margaret Mitchell based her character of Rhett Butler, “the Gentleman from Charleston.” George Trenholm has long been suspected of stealing the Confederate gold as the city of Richmond burned. Read “Will O’ the Wisp: Madness, War, and Recompense” to learn if Treasury Secretary George Trenholm and Captain Jack Holmes were actually involved.

A great adventure story for those of you interested in Charleston and Civil War history or for those just looking for an escape from the winter doldrums. Please come by on Jan 16th to the party at Halls Signature Events to celebrate the book release. We hope to see you there!

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